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Delightful family with Divine blessings


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Marriage between two persons is an easy thing, but plenty are the difficulties in keeping the married life intact and alive. Relationship are there in many families but no oneness of mind. Relationship is like a body. For the functioning of this body, fellowship, which is the life, is necessary. This book talks much about succeeding in this fellowship. This book clearly points out the various problems faced by the husband and wife in their practical family life and shows solutions for them by analysing them in the light of the Scriptures. It also deeply expounds on God’s orders and regulations regarding family life, in the light of the Scriptures. A must read for those who are married and those who are entering into married life.

About the Author

Samson Paul – All his efforts to run fast in life, driven by the desire to make all his worldly dreams come true, soon ended in total failure. In that dire situation, where everything was dark, with no hope, he sought comfort by browsing through an old, unused Bible. This helped him, who had nothing in life, to make the Lord, his own. The bleak background, filled with losses, paved ways for him to enjoy the glorious fellowship of the Lord Jesus. He, who has no theological background, has the solid background of fellowship with God. Apart from penning several books and nearly 25 Daily Devotionals, he is publishing a monthly magazine by name, “Living Streams”




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