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Daily By Your Grace


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Every Day by Your Grace

We cannot meet all the situations in life with our wisdom, wealth, and abilities. The challenges that we meet in our journey of life vary every day. We may not be able to overcome them with our own abilities and talents. We need the grace of God to help us progress and proceed without getting discouraged. This book of meditation shows us clearly the way to receive the grace of God and meet the challenges. This treasure house of God’s word filled with God’s grace makes the impossible things possible. This is not to be read as a religious ritual. This is a book of guidance that can lead us like a good shepherd.


Samson Paul

Bro. Samson Paul who has been publishing book of daily meditation every year for the past 25 years, shares his insights that help everyone in their everyday life. Though he hasn’t undergone any theological education, he helps many with the precious ideas he has learnt at the feet of God. His thoughts are not based on any particular doctrine of a church but only on the truth of the Bible. Hence, he is able to cater to all people irrespective of their denominations. His main thrust is to lead people to a spiritual experience based on relationship with God and he gears his efforts towards that. Therefore he has written quite a few books on 60 different topics. His messages can be heard daily on TV, YouTube and other social media and his messages address the relevant needs of the times.