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Abide With Me Today – A Daily Devotional Book 2024


Abide With Me Today

The long journey of this life, takes us through different kinds of situation. Not everyone, who is of comfort and support to us, could be expected to stand with us in all the circumstances. Only the Lord can abide with us in all the days of our life – both good and bad – and lead us forward. He alone can be trusted to guide us in any situation. It is the Word of God that forms in us this strong hope and thus encourages us. This new Daily Devotional book, ‘Abide with me Today’ is the compilation of these words of life. Every thought given for each day flows with God’s power and grace, successfully instilling in us the hope and confidence that the Lord is with us and guiding us to practice it properly.

About the Author

Bro. Samson Paul, a minister of God, who had authored more than 60 excellent books, is a minister of God and a useful vessel to thousands of people. He has a precise understanding of the basics of the truth, which he imparts effectively through his teachings. Thousands of people have been drawn by his Daily Devotional Books, published by him every year, for the past 26 years. His Daily Devotional Books are distinctive in the sense that they give the readers guidance for a practical Christian life and help readers to tackle challenges in their everyday life situation courageously, with the help of God. Apart from preaching in various Churches, he is also reaching out to several thousands of people, through social media such as YouTube, T.V and so on. He is also publishing a magazine by name ‘Living Streams’ every month.