Our Lord Jesus says,” You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free“. But without knowing that truth, many have come forward to proclaim it to others; hence we see false teachings not based on the Bible are in rise. People who listen to sermons that are not based on Bible are unable to live according to the Scriptures. Hence the Christian torch is not shining brightly.

Bro. Samson Paul was specially called by the LORD and was led by Him so that he could learn the truth clearly, without any adulteration. When he was led through many tempests and tribulations, he undoubtedly understood that union and fellowship with GOD are the foundations of a spiritual life.

The words of the LORD are meant not only for preaching and listening, but to be followed in our life. Only when we live according to the word, we will be able to receive blessings. The activities of Bro. Samson Paul are cantered on this cardinal truth. He is not only a gifted orator, but he is also being used by the LORD as an author who reveals great truth that strengthens everyday Christian life. His Christian thoughts and discourses based on Biblical truths have ignited the Spiritual fire in the hearts of many.

The daily devotionals, the monthly magazines and the spiritual books on various topics that he has written and published for many years had identified him to many thousands as an author who does digress from the Truth. During these days, where those who speak and preach the living words of the Lord are in decline and business-minded ministries are on the rise, the words that the lord Speaks through Bro. Samson Paul and the truth He reveals through him have comforted many. It is true that through his television programmes and sermons on VCD’s, all around the world, many are listening to the clear voice of truth of the lord.

You are called to support his ministries through your prayers and offerings.

In Christ’s Service,
Your brother,,
Samson Paul.